Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

In today's socially connected world your brand strategy and communication plan should already include a social media aspect. Combine this with the growing accessibility of data science technologies and it becomes essential to not only have a social media presence but analyse the data that it provides to gain access to the opourtunities that can be found within the information that data contains.

With the majority of the world engaging actively on social media and many businesses already taking advantage of this easy access to their customer base it is vital that your organisation maximises its social media opourtunities. The best way to do this, just like advancing in any other market segment, is to enhance your understanding through analytics.

Social Media analytics actually encompasses several types of analytics from sentiment analysis, keyword analysis, author analysis, community analysis and link analysis amongst others. Harnessing advanced Data Science techniques in these areas can help you gain a stronger social presence and boost your company's reputation, customer base and ultimately sales.

Identify Influencers

Listen closely to your customers and identify the biggest social influencers and important clients in your social network. Engaging with these influencers can often lead to greater marketing presence and favourable sentiment.

Identify Trends

Identify patterns and trends in your industry and market space. Having the ability to understand the root causes of these trends through scientific analysis allows your business to be prepared in the best way possible by including data driven decisions in your plan for the future.

Competitor Benchmarking

Boost your competitiveness and sales by revealing the sentiment surrounding the products you focus on. Find out which competitors are gaining traction in the social sphere and, by understanding why, gain the power to make your next move with confidence.

Campaign Tracking

Examine how your media campaigns are performing overall and amongst market segments. Gather location data for users who actively engage in your campaigns to gain geospatial understanding about your products and services popularity.

Content Performance

Measure the performance of your social media content and uncover actionable insights and opourtunities for marketing and offering adjustments based on how your social media presence is received by your audience.

Understand Sentiment

Reveal sentiment surrounding your business and products so that you can quickly address customers concerns. Attributes such as product price and quality can be assessed through sentiment analysis. You are also able to gauge the reactions of upcoming events or products in this way.

Improve Customer Experience

Social Media allows you to engage in real time with your customers and clients. However, with so much data flooding in with issues and requests it can be difficult to keep on top of this. Social Media Analytics allows your business to consolidate these issues and requests and rank them by occurrence allowing you to concentrate on the areas that will have the most impact for your organisation.

Measure your social presence

Measure the traffic to your social media pages and the engagement from users. Gain insight about your most popular content to discover why it is so well received and how to repeat this in the future.

Increase Sales and ROI

Profile the rate that your audience actively shares your content and provides positive feedback to highlight areas for improvement that can drive sales for your organisation and a greater ROI when planning how to spend your marketing budget in the future.

Better Reporting

Include Social Media coverage summaries in your stakeholder reports to provide clear insight into what the current social sphere looks like surrounding your market, organisation and products and services.