Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems use information filtering and advanced machine learning techniques to exploit patterns in past user behaviour to tailor suggestions to users in the future.

Taking advantage of the data that you have cultivated regarding your customers and their buying habits, as well as any potential product reviews that you may have collected, we can work with you to create a customised Recommender System that can operate either within your existing systems or as a standalone service.

No matter if you are an online or offline business a Recommender System can provide value to your company. Over recent years the science behind Recommender Systems has advanced greatly and has seen widespread adoption, not just by e-commerce businesses, but by offline businesses and government organisations.

Customer Value

Utilising the power of a Recommender System can allow you to reduce the information overload of your full set of offerings and provide a tailored approach to each customer. In this way your customers are more likely to discover products and services that are of interest to them with the result being an increase in customer experience.

Increased Retention

Gaining the loyalty of your customers should be an essential part of your business strategy. Creating a recommender system not only gives your customers an inclusive feeling but also makes it difficult for competitors to match that level of service as they don’t already possess the necessary data for that customer.

Improved Cross Selling

Using advanced statistical analytics to provide your customer with suggestions for additional products that a customer is likely to purchase a recommender system can help increase the average order size.

Effective Marketing

Taking advantage of the information a Recommender System can provide your business allows you to greatly reduce the cost to reward ratio of your marketing campaigns by allowing you to target specific customers with tailored offering and promotions that they are likely to engage with.

Point of Delivery Customisation

A Recommender System can be used to directly customise your customer's experience at the point of sale either in an e-commerce environment or when speaking with sales representatives.

Anticipate Demand

With a fully featured recommender system in place it is possible for your business to leverage the information it can provide back to you regarding customer preferences and thereby allow for earlier planning with your supply chain.

Better Product Placement

Knowing what products are popular to your customers and what products are often purchased together can allow you to optimise your product placement and service offerings.

Security Applications

It is possible to apply recommender systems to forms of data other than users and products. For example, using recommender systems can also have direct applications for defence, crime and intelligence communities when identifying persons or groups of interest.

Cold Start Support

Even if you are starting fresh with no customer recommendations in your data it may still be possible for us to help you create a smart recommendation system for your business.

Convert Browsers

Potential customers often browse a company's offerings without purchasing anything for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that with so much on offer they could not quite find that they had been looking for. However, if you have set up a Recommender System for your business it can help these browsers find the products they are looking for and turn them into customers.