Data Strategy Consulting

Data Strategy Consulting

With the big data driven economy set to explode in the coming years you might be thinking about equipping your business with the tools it needs to thrive in the new environment. However, you might not know where to start. That is where Quanovo comes in, we can help you set up a data strategy that works for you. We can help you set up the tools and even the data team you need to make your data strategy a success.

Big data is already an integral part of every sector in the global economy and can help organisations grow and meet the demands of today with greater ease. Most businesses make use of Big Data to help find correlations across multiple, disparate data sources and in doing so can use Machine Learning and other Data Science Techniques to predict sales, fraud, risk or customer behaviour amongst other insights.

Throughout history companies have gained huge competitive advantages by embracing the latest advancements of their time. Quanovo can help your business to do the same as we guide you through the transition to becoming a data driven business.

Build Your Team

We will work with you to ensure that your data team is made up of people with the right skillset for the objectives you wish to accomplish. Whether that means helping you hire the right people or simply helping you train your existing personnel. Having the right people can be the difference in a project succeeding or failing.

Handling Data

Having the best processes in place for your needs is key to ensuring your data strategy gets off the ground. We work with you to ensure you are collecting, managing and storing your data in the best possible way for your needs.

Define Outcomes

Knowing what questions to ask should be one of the first steps for your business when embarking on a new data strategy. Working with you we will help you figure out what are the key questions that would benefit your business are and then help you to figure out the best route to answering those questions using data.

Data Analytics

Many businesses focus on collecting and storing data rather than analysis. Making sure that you get the most from your data should be key. Quanovo can assist with identifying what forms of analytics would be best applied to the questions that you want answered and help make sure your teams have the tools they need available to them.

Increase your Analytics Maturity

Quanovo can help you define a data strategy and implement it meaning it can be possible for your business to rely less on simply predicting outcomes but actually create systems that are able to prescribe solutions.

Define Architecture

Getting the right infrastructure in place for your targets is crucial to get off on the right path towards transitioning into a data-driven business. Quanovo can work with you to make sure you lay the best foundations for your needs.

Data Governance

Many businesses overlook data as an asset but the reality is that data is actually one of your main assets as a modern business. Just like traditional financial assets it is important that your data is governed properly to ensure it is managed and used correctly throughout your business. Quanovo is available to help define Data Governance for your organisation.

Data Quality

The most time-consuming aspect of data science is by far the number of man hours spent on dealing with bad quality data. Quanovo can help your organisation learn how to improve the quality of its data resulting in higher efficiency.

Training Seminars

If you are exploring the possibilities that data can offer your business, but are discouraged by the challenges of implement a data solution, then Quanovo can provide seminars to help introduce you and your organisation to Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data techniques.

Identify Opourtunities for new Business Insights

The goals of any data strategy are to solve business problems. However, it is not always clear what problems you should look to solve or indeed what problems and questions you already have the data to answer. Quanovo can help you discover the low hanging fruit to get your organisation underway to becoming a data driven business.