Quanovo Student and Accademic Internship


This internship programme offers eligible students or academics the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in industry and how Data Science and Machine Learning is applied. Quanovo is active across several industry areas and any projects the internship programme will be involved with will allow participants to encounter a wide variety of challenges across these industry domains.

Internships are offered depending on the needs and capacity of our teams to receive and supervise interns. Once you have applied you will be notified if you are eligible and then placed on a list where you will be contacted once a relevant project becomes available with a team that has the capacity to take you on.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for an internship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Either be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. degree programme or currently have a role at an academic institution.

  • Be proficient in English.

  • Have excellent academic performance as demonstrated by recent university or institution records or relevant publications.

  • Have a basic knowledge and understanding of programming in either Python, C#, C++ or Java.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If accepted what kind of work will I be doing?

This will depend on the needs of the team to which you are assigned, your qualifications and your interests. If you have specific interests, you should include this in your personal statement in the application form when you apply. Most interns are involved with one project at a time and tasks can vary from client interaction, research and programming. More specific information will be provided upon being accepted to the programme.

What is the duration of the programme?

Our internships typically last for the duration of a project. You will likely be involved from the start to finish so that you can get the most value from the internship and experience each phase of a project. At the end of a project, it may be the case that an offer is made to continue your internship with another project, although this is not guaranteed. The projects that are suitable for our internship programme can last anywhere from around three months to twelve months in duration.

Is this a paid internship?

To be compliant with current UK employment laws all of our internships are paid positions and meet at least the UK National Minimum Wage rate. You will be offered a fixed term contract for the duration of the project with the payment level offered dependant on your skills and experience as well as the complexity of the project that you will be assigned.

Will I need to be at the office full time?

As a remote first company we encourage our teams to work wherever they feel most comfortable. That means that while you will need to be in constant contact with your team, using software tools to help, you have the freedom to work where you feel you work best. That being said there will be days that you are required to be present in person as well. These days are usually physical team meeting days and days where you will need to be on site at a client's workplace. The number of days and hours worked will depend on the project and the agreement with the project supervisor if an internship offer is made to you.

Should I arrange an interview?

No, if Quanovo wants to interview you, either in person or by phone, then we will contact you. All you need to do is fill out the form below to apply.


Please indicate below if you feel you are proficient in the following programming languages:

Please indicate below if you have had any experience working with the following:

Your personal data will not be used for marketing and will only be stored and used by Quanovo for the purpose of allocating internship positions.