Quanovo | Data Technologies | Liverpool

Make your data work for you by exploring it the right way

What Quanovo Does

We are a data science company based in Liverpool, United Kingdom that helps businesses break down data silos to consolidate their data assets. Quanovo helps organisations transition into the data driven age and gain cognitive insight from their data supply chain.

Using advanced machine learning and other data science techniques we design and implement custom solutions that recognise patterns in data to unlock illuminating analysis that can help organisations make data driven decisions with confidence and maximise impact.

About Quanovo

Quanovo started out creating quantitative trading models built upon Deep Machine Learning technologies but have since expanded to partner with customers across industries to grow their potential through Data Science technologies.

We have the expertise to not just identify a solution but to build custom applications that deliver long term value. We are technology agnostic and work with the latest technologies and methodologies in data science and software development to deploy tailored solutions that best fit our client's needs.

Big Data and Machine Learning For SMEs

The world of Big Data is not exclusive to big business and their big budgets. Organisations of all sizes can reap the rewards offered by the massive amounts of data available to them to make data driven decisions. This free whitepaper on the subject explores ways that even the smallest of companies can modernise their processes and engage on a global scale with the power of Data Science and Big Data.